Megan Vermazen

Legal Assistant



In her position as a Legal Assistant at Adams & Corzine, Megan is just starting out her career in the legal field. Having spent many postgraduate years searching for a career that fit her, she finally discovered that a career as a Paralegal was the perfect use of her extensive writing and close reading skills. And so, while working simultaneously full-time, she went back to school and received her AA Degree in Paralegal Studies in 2020.

At Adams & Corzine, Megan primarily works on managing plaintiff cases, which includes such tasks as ordering medical records, writing demand letters, and keeping both the hard copy and soft copy versions of each file constantly updated. She feels very lucky to have been hired by a firm that challenges her every day with increasingly complex tasks in order to help her grow.

She lives in Citrus Heights with her new husband, three cats, and terrarium full of firebelly toads. When not being a homebody and reading books incessantly, she loves outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and swimming in rivers and lakes.

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