After my horrible luck and car accident. I was referred to Doug Adams. Doug and his assistant Gaby are the most amazing people to work with. I felt involved every step of the way. Doug took my best interest to heart. He always explained the steps of the process. Doug is very knowledgeable and good at his job. Doug and Gaby are both very personable people, honest and know what they are doing. I felt blessed to have them help me through my toughest time.

Leslie M.

I was referred to Doug Adams office through a friend after dealing with a car accident. They were incredibly helpful and communicated everything extremely well and timely. Very professional on top of it all. I can’t recommend them enough.

Taylor W.

I was involved in a really bad accident on a freeway, I was rear-ended while sitting in traffic, a distracted driver hit me doing about 40 MPH. My car was totaled, I was injured. During the whole process Doug and his staff kept me informed every step of the way. I feel that Doug went to bat for me and he got me what I felt I deserved, Doug is a straight shooter and I would recommend him and his team any day of the week. And should I ever need help again, they will be the first one’s I call.

Dennis R.

Let me begin by saying this, I have never met a more professional, trust worthy law firm in my career of 35 plus years of customer service. They are very concerned about the client and the facts. They are very ethical in giving advice and what to expect from the process. We were involved in an auto accident which was very poorly handled by both insurance companies. After they stepped in everything changed and we were treated very fairly by the involved parties and insurance companies. Mr. Adams went the extra mile to help us and understand our concerns and needs. We are very grateful to them for the positive outcome of our case. Gabriela always responded to my emails, calls and faxes in timely manner and helped us in filling out all the forms. We got very good results and excellent performance from this law firm.

Dr. P

When we hire Doug to take the case after my accident in 2019 where my car was totaled, I was unsure of what was going to happen. Doug was very reassuring and helpful to my family. He fought hard for our family during a pandemic and did the best he could and we are super grateful for the outcome of the case. Thank you. You are an amazing Attorney.

Danielle M.

I slipped and fell in a restaurant and broke my leg.  Doug was recommended to me by a family member and agreed to represent me.  Of course, the restaurant denied liability but Doug was able to eventually convince them they were responsible. A fair and favorable settlement was reached just prior to trial.  I would recommend his firm to anyone who is injured and needs help.

Kerry B.

Doug Adams handled my complicated personal injury case with excellent results. His staff is responsive and competent. Doug is a professional and straight forward lawyer who I would be happy to hire again or recommend.


After I was dislocated by the Camp Fire disaster in Paradise, CA, and while I was struggling to find permanent housing, my health insurer threatened to cancel my policy for lack of California residency. A situation that was already fraught with anxiety now seemed nightmarish. I was very fortunate that Doug Adams kindly and generously volunteered to help me. He contacted the insurer on my behalf to lodge an appeal, relieving me of this task, and he advised me on the particulars of my interactions with the company. He also advised me to find a home as quickly as possible. Once I had found one, he ensured that my status as California resident was properly confirmed so there could be no further challenges. I am grateful not only for Mr. Adams’ legal expertise and good counsel but also for his kindness and graciousness to me during this difficult time. His abilities and character are exemplary, and I will always be indebted to him.


I was in a bike accident late last year and spent three days in neural trauma ICU with a broken jaw, fractures to my right orbital eye socket and fragmented right cheek that had to be rebuilt. My jaw was wired shut for a month and I still suffer the effects of a concussion resulting from the trauma. Doug Adams proved to be an incredibly capable attorney, who deftly maneuvered through the many obstacles affecting our case. His primary concern throughout the process was my well-being, and he worked hard to ensure that any future costs resulting from my injuries would be covered financially. No one thinks this will ever happen to them. When it did happen to me, I was fortunate that Doug and Gabriela were there to help. As a team, they are professional, caring, hard-working and honest. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to them.

Debbie I.

My case wasn’t big, but they treated me like it was. Professional, courteous, attentive to my case and always explained everything in detail. I have recommended Adams and Corzine. and will continue to do so.

June D.

We were involved in a hit and run accident on the freeway on a Saturday morning while traveling on highway 50 toward Sacramento. A man driving a truck hit us, running us off the road. When I sought help, I was fortunate enough to find Doug Adams.

Doug brought me into his office, listened to my story of what had happened. He Investigated the facts from the police report and took my case. Doug was upfront and honest from the start. He told me what was going to happen. How he wanted to proceed and how long it would take. He was realistic in his approach and tireless in his pursuit. Doug is a skilled professional in his chosen field. Doug and his staff (Gabriela) kept me informed each step of the process. His clear calm approach left me very confident in his ability to handle my case. He was on my side from the start.  I am very happy with the results and how I was treated. I would recommend Doug Adams to anyone seeking help. Thank You.

Deeann L.

I was in an auto accident in April of 2017 and sustained various injuries. After my initial consultation with Doug and staff I immediately felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders. The stresses of dealing with insurance companies were gone, as they handled dealing with my insurance as well as the at fault party’s insurance. Anytime I had a question about something or needed assistance Doug &/or his staff were there to help. I appreciate the advice and general care they put into their clients. I was very pleased with the effort put forth to reach the best settlement possible for me in this situation. I would refer this firm 100% of the time to anyone who is in need of legal representation. Special thanks to Doug and Gaby you guys are GREAT!

Adrian R

I had the misfortune of getting into an accident on the freeway near Roseville when someone lost control of their truck and I hit them and several other cars hit me. Some idiot from an insurance company called and wanted to settle with me for less than $500. My new car was totaled, I was injured, and I didn’t know what to do. Luckily, I called and spoke with Doug Adams who helped me process what had happened. I’m an RN and knew that my injuries would probably linger for the rest of my life. Mr. Adams and I interviewed each other to make sure we could work together to cover my costs and peace of mind. He [Doug] was gracious, understanding, and represented me from a professional and practical standpoint. I didn’t want any more or less than what I deserved as a victim in the wrong place at the wrong time. The insurance company tried to take advantage of me right from the beginning, but Adams and Corzine did not allow that to happen. Once they were in my corner, everything was handled effortlessly on my part as I healed. I consider what they did for me during that time a blessing from Heaven. I am sure that this team of professionals thinks it’s part of their job, but I think it went above and beyond expectations.

Cynthia H.

Mr. Adams was a very caring and very knowledgeable Attorney.  He worked very quickly on my case and I was very happy with the outcome of the settlement.  I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help.  He is a very nice man.

Lois J.

Doug and Gabriela’s efforts were very much appreciated and even though my case was a small one they still treated me like it mattered. Doug explained things as the case progressed making sure that I understood what was happening and why.

Brian B.

When my husband was hit and not able to work for months, I didn’t know who to turn to.  A friend told me to see Doug Adams.  that was a huge turning point for me, he took the weight off my shoulders.  He took care of everything.  He cared about us, he listened, and guided us through this terrible time.  He is honest and trustworthy.  I completely recommend him.

Elaine W.

The morning of June 8th, 2019 changed my life. I was on my way to Reno, NV it was just about dawn that morning at approximately 4:30am on a road that I had traveled many times, I knew this road probably better than most, when I noticed head lights ahead and then abruptly those head lights were coming straight at me on a 2 lane road, I had only a split second to react to avoid a head on collision at nearly 50mph, I swerved left into her lane, she awoke and returned abruptly to her lane striking the right center half of my vehicle causing my left rear tire to leave the road surface on to the soft shoulder which caused my vehicle to roll, coming to rest on the passenger side suspended over a deep ditch.I honestly at the time consider

ed myself lucky to be alive, I didn’t think at the time that I had suffered any injury at all, I was more concerned for the young woman who had hit me. Turns out that the young woman was 18 years old and was on her way home from a sober graduation party at her high school, driving the vehicle that her parents had given her as a graduation present (a little red Mazda 3).

The very next day I knew that something wasn’t right, the accident was on Saturday morning, Monday morning I was in my doctor’s office with back and shoulder problems. I still was hopeful that it was just strained ligaments and muscles, but the MRI’s and X rays told a different story.

I had never needed an attorney for anything like this before, the only thing that I was sure of is that I didn’t want to engage a billboard attorney or one of those late-night television attorneys.

I have a friend who is an attorney and she told me that I needed a good trial attorney who specialized in personal injury and then gave me a name of a friend of hers, but she didn’t have his number that afternoon, when I got home, I googled the name, trial attorney, personal injury, a few names came up and Doug Adams was the name I thought my friend had given me, this is why I have always thought that God was guiding my search that day.

I contacted Doug, and we set up a meeting that week, I immediately liked him, and he agreed to take the case, Doug worked tirelessly on this case and whenever I had question, he would always take my call or call me back (his first question was always “How you doing” and not in a cheap insincere way) He really does care about his clients as does his whole staff, Gabriella (Gabby) and later Megan were always responsive to your calls and emails.

This case took nearly 2 years to bring to conclusion, Covid had much to do with that, because the fusion surgery on my back and various other tests and procedures were delayed in some cases by months. I’ll most likely never be able to play golf again, a passion and dream going into retirement.
I was fortunate that the person that caused the accident was well insured, I won’t go into the details, but Doug is a very good litigator and in the mediation was able to convince the other side and the mediator that this case was worth more than the policy limits allowed, and the other side also, reluctantly came to that conclusion.

In closing, please understand that if you are ever in a similar situation, understand this: The opposing attorneys and insurance company won’t give a damn about you or their own insured client (If it hadn’t been for my actions that morning their client would have most likely not survived and I would have been more seriously injured) Hire Doug Adams to represent you, I can guarantee you will be well represented and he will care more for your wellbeing along the way.

Thank You Doug, Gabby and Megan.

Steve T.

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