Defective Product Liability

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Defective products waste consumer dollars and put buyers at risk. Every year, thousands of Californians are harmed when using defective products or failing automobile components. The attorneys at Adams & Corzine have helped injury victims across the Sacramento Region win product liability lawsuits. When defective products do harm, our lawyers work diligently and strategically bring the responsible manufacturer, distributor, or retailer to justice and win appropriate compensation for our clients.

Types of product liability cases

Product liability cases can generally be pursued when either defective products or inherently dangerous products cause injury or death. Inherently dangerous products are items such as power tools and salon tools that pose risks due to their structure and purpose. While a wide variety of products can be involved in these lawsuits, most cases involve at least one of these issues:

  • Design defects: Poor design or inadequate pre-market testing can lead to products that cause injuries due to incompetent or negligent design.
  • Manufacturing defects: Defects in products caused by workmanship, materials, or production processes can result in injury even if the product’s design is otherwise safe.
  • Marketing defects: Every product is designed for a set purpose. Serious injuries can occur when manufacturers, distributors, or retailers promote that a product can be used for a, unsafe purpose for which it was not designed. This can happen even when products are generally safe for their intended use.
  • Failure to warn and/or failure to guard: Manufacturers who produce inherently dangerous products have a legal obligation to warn consumers of product dangers and do everything reasonable to prevent injuries. When products do not have warning labels or adequate safety instructions, serious injuries and even death can occur.

How to begin your products liability case

In the aftermath of an accident involving a defective product, victims are often contacted with aggressive settlement offers from insurance companies representing manufacturers, distributors, or retailers. In these cases, an experienced product liability and personal injury lawyer is an essential advocate to evaluate such offers and advise whether further legal action is necessary. Our experienced attorneys understand the intricacies of product liability laws. We have the expertise needed to represent your interests against high-pressure tactics so that you fully understand your legal options receive the full and fair compensation for your injury or loss.

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