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Product Liability

Thousands of injuries each year occur due to defective or dangerous products being released on the market. One of the more recent cases that got a lot of media coverage is the "hover boards" that were catching fire due to a [...]

Dog Bite Liability in California

In California, owners of dogs are statutorily strictly liable for any injuries their dog causes. This dog bite statute makes the owner of the dog strictly liable for any dog bite from the moment the ownership begins, provided that the [...]

Head Injuries

What is a Head Injury? Every year in America, there are nearly 2 million traumatic brain injury related emergency room departments, hospitalizations, and deaths. Traumatic brain injuries aren’t always cause by high speed impacts. Severe brain injuries can result from [...]

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

Have I suffered a traumatic brain injury? Accidents can have a wide range of consequences, some of them quite severe and to the brain. Among the most severe and debilitating injuries an accident can cause are traumatic brain injuries. A [...]

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